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John Pereless, President & CEO of Pereless Software, a global software development firm delivering business solutions and custom applications.

John Pereless- Reasons to Use a PHP Framework

Saturday, 24 January 2015

As a developer, you can code faster and easily with a framework, said John Pereless. PHP framework is one of the most popularly used frameworks that abridged the paths to make coding easier. We are always looking for something better, don’t we ask John Pereless. If you are an experienced PHP developer or want to become one, this article will give you a clear picture about the advantages of PHP framework.

Better Inbuilt Functions
PHP framework has great inbuilt functions and thus offers the advantage of bridging tough tasks to achieve great results. PHP codes can be used to simplify various functions suggests John Pereless.

PHP is gaining popularity as website development tool, suggests John Pereless. With the presence of number of tools it helps you to build a website easily. Plenty of plugins can also help to add versatility to your website.

According to John Pereless, it is important to protect your website from potential attacks and PHP framework can help you to achieve the same. Many filtering functions protect your website from certain attacks.

Rapid Application Development
After you are experienced in designing a website with PHP framework, you can enjoy the benefits of having to code less and develop the website at a faster pace suggests John Pereless. Being more organized, you can easily maintain the code or change the existing one.

Community Support
Active communities support PHP frameworks advocates John Pereless. As a developer, you can talk to other people, ask for their feedback, get help or share your experience with them.

Most of the popular PHP frameworks can be availed free of cost, said John Pereless. As PHP framework helps the developers to code easily and faster for a website, the cost for developing a website is less.

Wire-Frame before Coding
Using wire-frame before coding is a good practice suggests John Pereless. Wire-frame clubs all the essential elements and make sure that they are placed rightly. A logical work flow can be made before actually starting with the coding process advised John Pereless.

Suitable for Teamwork
Projects that are organized in PHP framework can help a team of developers to perform their task in a better manner suggests John Pereless. People can distribute their work as a team and work on different areas.

So the next time you want to get a website designed, use PHP framework advised John Pereless as it would make your work easy and efficient results can be availed at shorter time period.

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