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John Pereless, President & CEO of Pereless Software, a global software development firm delivering business solutions and custom applications.

John Pereless- Mistakes to Avoid For Better Online Reputation

Monday, 5 January 2015

Reputation management services are increasingly becoming important for online businesses, suggests John Pereless. This is an essential aspect of the management services as it helps the companies to understand different activities that can harm their business or decrease their brand value. According to John Pereless, online damage or bad publicity is often seen as a costly mistake that is committed by various business owners. Therefore, John Pereless advocates a list of mistakes that must be avoided to gain user’s attention and to have a good online reputation.

The content creator
Who is creating content for your website asks John Pereless? Remember to have professional and experienced content writers, who can work according to your company’s policies, guidelines and other regulations. According to John Pereless, consider your online customers important and thus post only relevant and engaging information. If you are posting something on the behalf of your company make sure that you are not distracted or under anybody’s influence while writing the content. Always think about your targeted audience before writing a post, comment or other informative piece suggests John Pereless.

Customer is always right
According to John Pereless, always give your online customers what they are looking for. New online businesses have a limited customer base therefore it is important to build their confidence. Never argue with your customers as it can ruin your business reputation suggests John Pereless. Remain professional and calm when dealing with your customers and try to sell your services and products in the best manner. If you want to be known as a helpful company that listens to its customer’s grievances and problems, remember that clients are always right.

John Pereless suggests that telling a lie about your services or behaving in an inappropriate manner with your clients can ruin your brand value therefore; remain professional with your customers. Do not post silly images, irrelevant content or anything inappropriate about your competitors. According to John Pereless, many companies take quick reactions but regret their decision later on. Therefore make a wise and informed decision to maintain your company’s online reputation.

According to John Pereless, the most important factor that can help you to increase the online reputation of your company is to remain consistent with the online posts. If you avoid the possible pitfalls, you can easily gain the trust of a large customer base. So to increase the reputation of your online businesses avoid these possible mistakes suggests John Pereless

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