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John Pereless, President & CEO of Pereless Software, a global software development firm delivering business solutions and custom applications.

John Pereless - E-Mail Marketing Tips to Attract Customers

Monday, 5 January 2015

According to John Pereless, having a well-planned marketing campaign for your new or an established business is important. There is no guarantee that your customers will always stay loyal to your businesses and thus it becomes essential to attract their interest toward your business. E-mail marketing is a cost-effective and one of the fastest ways to communicate with your loyal clients. As suggested by John Pereless, businesses must work hard to keep their subscribers happy.

E-mails Frequency
There is no right or correct answer that defines the exact frequency of E-mails, said John Pereless but it is important to send e-mails to your customers for a successful campaign. Businesses should be consistent with their mails and send them regularly to their clients, recommends John Pereless. To give value to their customers, companies must not mail their customers once a while or overdo with the mailing part but should be consistent.

Provide Value
John Pereless advocates that it is important to offer reliable and true product reviews to attract individual’s attention. People love to read true reviews about a product or services before buying it. While planning a marketing campaign companies often struggle to attract their clients, however an e-mail marketing campaign can help them to focus on their targeted audience easily said John Pereless.

Easy Availability
Effective marketing campaigns help company owners to answer different challenges faced by their customers said John Pereless. With the increasing list of their regular customers companies can gain knowledge about different challenges faced by their clients. John Pereless suggests that if you help your customers and answer their queries, reputation of your company will increase and people in large number would like to buy your services.

Great Flexibility
According to John Pereless, E-mail marketing can work for any kind of business. Businesses can easily increase their sales by opting for the right kind of marketing strategy. You can connect with your customers and readers by updating newsletters regularly. Special offers and festive discounts can also attract your customers suggested John Pereless.

While planning marketing strategies for your business do not forget to target the mobile users says John Pereless. With the increasing use of mobile phones, a shift in the trend of internet browsing has been seen. Your website should be responsive advocates John Pereless so that people can easily view it in different browsers. So choose the right way to market your business and to attract customer’s attention.

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