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John Pereless, President & CEO of Pereless Software, a global software development firm delivering business solutions and custom applications.

John Pereless: Build a Strategy for Effective Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

According to John Pereless, social media websites give a chance to different online businesses to showcase their services in an effective manner. If you are also interested in showcasing your services to a large customer base, build out an effective social media marketing strategy for your audience suggests John Pereless.

Know Your Audience
John Pereless advocates that while designing an effectual marketing strategy, it is important to know your audiences. Ask yourself, who are you trying to target? Having knowledge about your targeted audience will help you to keep their preferences in mind. For instance: While LinkedIn users majorly compromise of graduates, Facebook users are principally teenagers. So match the marketing efforts with the social media websites on which your targeted audiences are spending their most of the time, suggests John Pereless.

Allocate Budget
You need to set a budget for social media marketing strategy. Having a prefixed budget will help you to design your marketing scheme accordingly suggests John Pereless. Make a list of different tools and services that are required by you. As recommended by John Pereless, you can even outsource different services. A well established strategy will help you to focus on your targeted audience in a better manner.

Analyze the Competitors
If you want to remain ahead in the race, analyzing your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths can really help you recommends John Pereless. Start discussions with your teammates to find a solution to design a better marketing strategy. You can ask your audience to share your articles and blogs on social media websites as this will help you in gaining additional benefit advocates John Pereless.

Content is the King
Having knowledge about the content that will be published on your website is also important. Write interesting and engaging content to attract the audience. Further John Pereless recommends company owners to remain consistent in posting blogs or other information on their website. Interesting and informative posts will help you to gain the attention of internet traffic to your website suggests John Pereless.

Choose a Channel
If you have a small business, it is always beneficial to choose a specific social media website to market your company rather than advertising it on every website advised John Pereless. Avoid wasting your time on every channel, rather choose your targeted audience recommends John Pereless.

So if you want to advertise your business over different social media websites, build up an effective marketing strategy.

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